How to make a site go really fast

Memory moduleQuestion: How to make a site go really fast?

Answer: There are two ways to make your site speedup. The first one method is by switching from normal disk hard drives to solid state drives (SSD). The second method is by adding more memory (RAM) to your web server.

Shared web hosting options

If you are not using shared web hosting than you have options. If you are using a shared web hosting account than your options for speeding up your site will be limited. If you are using a shared web hosting account the option to speed up your site are: upgrading to a plan with more resources and installing a cache system to serve up pages more quickly.

Dedicated servers – add more memory

If you are using a virtual private server or a dedicated server, a quick way to make your sites load up more quickly is by adding more memory. If you add more memory than your sites should load more quickly. If the the content management system you are using is coded fine and there are no major issues than by adding memory the site should see a performance boost. If the content management system sucks for any reason than adding memory may not improve much.

Dedicated servers – switch to SSD drives

If you are using a decent content management system with no quirks or issues and are using regular disk drives. You should consider switching over to solid state drives (SSD). Solid state drives are like memory and a lot faster and don’t have any moving parts. The switch from using a regular disk hard drive to a solid state drive can yield faster loading times. The time to access, read, write, and serve up your pages can improve dramatically.

The quickest way to improve the speed of your site is by adding more memory and switching over to SSD drives if you ain’t using them already.