Is there such a thing as unlimited?

You may of seen and heard of web hosting plans that offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, to almost unlimited everything. The term “unlimited” is mostly used to help market these type of web hosting plans to new customers.

You have to ask yourself if there is such a thing as unlimited? The answer is typically no, there is no such thing. There are physical and virtual barriers to every web hosting plan. If you choose an unlimited plan, your web host may require you to “upgrade” to a more expensive plan if you start to actually use up the resources included with your plan.

If your web hosting provider has plans that includes: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, and unlimited domains. If you start to really use up your bandwidth, your web hosting provider may cite you increase usage of CPU cycles as a reason you have to upgrade to a more expensive plan. If you use 100’s of gigabytes of disk space, your web hosting provider may cite that the type of files or content you are hosting is not permitted. Your web host may also cite that the sheer number of files that you are hosting can not exceed a certain file size. Your web hosting provider may cite your high resource usage violates the Terms of Use/Acceptable Usage Policy because your web hosting account is causing the web server to be unstable.

Once you start to actually push into the “unlimited” features of your plan. You can expect your web hosting provider to come telling you that you have to upgrade or they will suspend your account. Reasons that will be cited maybe from technical jargon you have never heard of to, you are violating some part of that long Terms of Use/Acceptable Use Policy you agreed when you signed up, or your web host may start making up whatever reason they feel is justified to get you to pay more money.

There is no such thing as “unlimited” when it comes to web hosting!