My web host disappeared overnight!

This does happen, your web host may just disappear over night. It maybe your shared web hosting provider or your dedicated web hosting provider. It has happen and will happen.

When deciding on your web hosting provider. You should research and ask the right questions. Some questions that you should consider asking include:

-How long have you been in business?
-Is 24/7 technical support available?
-Is technical support based in [fill in your country of residence]?
-What is your business registration?
-What state or province are you registered to do business in?

The above questions will help give you better insight and a better understanding of your web hosting provider. If the web hosting provider you are considering just launched a few months ago, the chances of your web hosting disappearing overnight is pretty high. If the web host does not have 24/7 technical support or any business registration are also signs that your web host may have a higher probability of disappearing without notice!

You should always have a backup copy of all your website data if you decide to go with a web host that has been in the business for less than 3 years. If your web host has been in business less than a 1 year, you should be prepared that your web host may disappear also. There are no guarantees that a web hosting provider that has been in the business for over 1 year, will not disappear but the probability of a new web hosting going bankrupt is higher compared to ones that have been around for years.

If you signed up with your web host over the summer or your web host launched during the summer. You may also want to make sure the owners of your web host are not students and are committing 100% of their time into the business. During the summer many high school to college students may decide to venture into the business of web hosting. If you stumble across one of these web hosts and their business is not stable than your website may go offline overnight.