Why monthly backups is not an option

Typical web hosting providers should be providing either weekly or daily backups of your content. If they are not then you need to be more proactive in making sure you have backups of your content. Even when your web hosting provider is providing weekly or daily backups of your web hosting content. You should make sure you have your own backups in case your web hosting provider’s backups are corrupt or not available for any reason.

It is best that you maintain daily backups of your content that is hosted with your web hosting provider. You should not rely upon your web hosting provider’s weekly or daily backup copies. Your web hosting provider may say that they do daily or weekly backups of your content but when it is time to actually use the backup, the backups may not be available or worse yet your web hosting provider’s backup system didn’t take proper backup copies of your content.

Having daily backup copies of your databases and files is the best way to prevent a disaster from killing your website. Relying on your web hosting provider’s backup may not work out as planned. Having no backup copies of your own and relying on your web hosting provider to provide the backup copies, when you need it may not actually work.