Should I host my site in Singapore or in the US?

World GlobeQuestion: Should I host my site in the United States or Singapore?

Answer: It depends on where you expect most of the visitors from your site will be coming from. If you expect most of the people accessing your site will be from the United States, North America, or Europe then hosting in the United States would make sense.

If you expect the majority of your visitors to be from Singapore or Asia then it make more sense to host your site in Singapore. Depending on where your visitors will be coming from, the closer you host your site to your visitor, the faster your site will load for your visitors.

If you are unsure where you visitors will be coming from than you will need to decide who you will be marketing your site to? If you plan to sell toys to people in Asia then go with hosting in Singapore. If you plan to sell toys to mostly customers in North America then host in the United States.