Using a server with ARM processors

CPUQuestion: Will using a server with ARM processors instead of AMD or Intel processors how any performance difference?

Answer: ARM processors isn’t as popular as Intel or AMD processors in the server world. ARM processors can be used but depending on what operating system you decide to use. There maybe some limitations if you do not make sure that your operating system of choice is fully supported.

The decision to use a ARM processor may result in some cost saving because they maybe less expensive than Intel processors. If you are seeking a production server that you will processing a heavy workload than a high quality Intel processor maybe a better choice.

ARM = less expensive

ARM processors have not made a major dent in the commercial datacenter market. Most if not all CPU’s you will encounter when ordering a dedicated or a VPS will be powered by an Intel processor. An Intel processor has a proven track record and performance power. While an ARM processor maybe a newer player in the server market. The pricing of ARM processors will be enticing but the performance difference between different ARM processors and Intel processors have not been met.

Intel = for high load work

For side projects or non mission crucial it maybe a better move to deploy ARM processors. While for high loads and mission crucial hosting needs a powerful Intel processor maybe more expensive but there will be a lot more computing power available for use.