Should you block all IP addresses from China?

China flagQuestion: I’m getting port scans, spam, and hacking attempts from China. Should I block the whole country?

Answer: It is up to you but remember that if you block all Chinese IP addresses than you will be blocking over 1 billion people from accessing your site in the future.

Ban IP address within a specific range

You can try banning a few hundred IP addresses that belong in the same IP address range. This may help migrate the unwanted traffic from China. If the IP addresses belong in different blocks and ranges. You can try rotating the bans and making them temporary and lasting up to a few days at max.

Add a captcha to your site

You can try adding a captcha to your site. The captcha can help prevent spamming attempts on your site. Visitors would be required to do a simple image or word verification with the captcha before they can comment or use a form to contact you from your site.

Banning the whole country

This would be the ultra extreme option. If you ban the whole country than the server you are using would have to use a little extra memory and CPU power to carry this out. You would also be cutting off over 1 billion people from being able to view your site. If you want to ban China than you should make this a temporary ban for a few hours but not a permanent ban.