Web hosts that offer multiple layers of support

Question: Should I stay away from web hosts that offer multiple layers of support?

Answer: It depends on the type of web hosting product that you are ordering.

Unmanaged VPS and unmanaged servers

If you are ordering a “unmanaged” virtual private server or server and the web host offers technical support as an “addon” then this is reasonable. You may need this paid technical support since your product doesn’t come with technical support. This form of technical support can come in handy when you have an emergency and need a solution ASAP.

Shared web hosting, VPS, or server already has support

If your shared web hosting account, virtual private server, or dedicated server already has technical support and your web host is offering a more advance form of technical support then run away! If your product or service already includes technical support then that form of technical support should be adequate.

You should not need another form of technical support to solve your issues. Stay away from web hosts that include technical support and are trying to sell you an “upgrade” form of technical support. Technical support is technical support.  You shouldn’t have to pay extra to get a response from your web host.

Custom solutions

One form of acceptable technical support that you should consider buying if you need it is when you need custom solutions. When we say custom solutions we mean CUSTOM. This does not mean script installs, operating system reloads, deleting a database, or making backup copies of your files.

Custom solutions may include: a custom configuration of an operating system, with a specific web server software, with specific proxy setup, and many other SPECIFIC things that require hours of work to accomplish.

Run away!

If your web host tells you that you need to “upgrade” or “order” a more advance form of technical support then runaway! Unless your product doesn’t come with technical support and you are requesting technical support then your web host shouldn’t be telling you to pay more to get support.