Web hosts with great reputations

Green award ribbonGreat reputations still great?

When you come across reviews of web hosts. Many customers may be raving about their web host. Proclaiming that their web host is the best or greatest. Now look at the dates for those reviews. Were they written in the last few weeks, months, or years?

The reviews that you encounter about web hosting companies that you are considering. You should also remember to factor in the date and time frame they were reviewed. A review from 2004 may no longer be relevant in 2014.

Reputation changes

An “excellent” or “great” web host from 2005 may not be that great in 2015. Many web hosts enjoy a great reputation but their reputation may go down a spiral for many reasons. A positive review in 2004 or 2005 will indicate that the web host was reviewed favorably during those times.

If you start to encounter many negative reviews or a few years without reviews then this maybe an indication of problems.

No reviews

If the web host had positive reviews but then went a few years without reviews means something may of happened to your web host. Usually a bad web host will have a lot of angry customers. While a good web host will always have a few good reviews popup. A web host that has gone for a few years without a review may be an indication that the web host wasn’t running during those years.

No reviews = bankrupt web host  or not active business

Negative reviews lately

If the web host that you are considering has a lot of negative reviews lately then you may want to move on. A web host that enjoyed favorable and positive reviews a few years ago may not be the same web host today. Negative reviews over the last few months to years will reflect an actual representation of what other customers are experiencing with the web host.

Just because a web host was great doesn’t mean they are still great.