What time should you buy web hosting

ClockUnless you plan on sending your web host a wire transfer, check, or money order. You are probably going to pay via a debit or credit card to fund your web hosting plan purchase. If you choose to buy web hosting from a small to medium or even large web hosting, the timing of your purchase can have an impact on when you will actually get approved by your web host.

Fraud verification

When you are paying for your web hosting purchase with a debit or credit card. There is a high chance there will be some form of verification. The chance of a verification occurring increases if you set off some flag in the web host’s fraud system or are from a region that has a known history of fraud cases. After you enter your payment information for your debit or credit card and all the relevant account information. Your web host has to decide to whether or not to approve your purchase. This is where your web host’s billing department may decide to contact you to make sure you are who you say you are.

Best time to order web hosting

If you order your web hosting plan on the weekend. Depending on how your web host has setup their system your account may not get activated instantly and may have to wait until your web host’s billing department opens. This typically happens on a Monday morning or the next business day for your web host. Remember that your web host’s billing department may not be located in your time zone or even be on the same day as you.

The ideal and best time to order web hosting is on a weekday and in the early morning hours. This gives your web host’s billing department ample time to look over your order and approve it. If there needs to be some contact between your web host and you, they can call you before the business day is over. There is no guaranteed thou that your web host will setup and approve your account before the day ends. Supply issues with servers, staffing shortage, and many other issues can delay your order from getting fulfilled.