Picking a web host is like choosing a fast food place to eat at

Fast foodWhen you are hungry you want to grab something to fill you up. Often times you may want to stop by a McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, or any other fast food restaurant. It is a lot like when you are trying to pick a web host for your site. HostGator, BlueHost, and GoDaddy are like the fast food restaurnats of the web hosting industry.

When you are hungry

When you are hungry you want something quick. If you have an idea for a site or blog and want to launch it immediately. You would have to find a web host for it. Without a web host you won’t be able to launch your site.

Choices and choices

In the web hosting world the big name advertisers everyone probably has heard of are HostGator, BlueHost, and GoDaddy. In the real world the fast food restaurant you probably heard of are McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC (at least in North America).

Ordering your food and your web hosting account

When you step into a fast food restaurant you want to something quick and tasty. When you land on one of the big three web hosts (mentioned above) you want a simple way to order the plan you want and to get going about your business.

Fast food is fast, web hosting = fraud verification

When you order your fast food meal. The person taking that credit card doesn’t care as long as the transaction is accepted. With web hosting your web host would probably ask you see the front and back copy of your ID and credit card. This is how much fast food restaurants and web host are alike.