Why your web host should have 24/7 technical support

Make sure the web hosting provider that you choose has 24/7 technical support available. If for any reason your web host says otherwise then you should switch web hosts immediately. Having 24/7 technical support is a crucial component of your web hosting plan.

If your website suffers an outage at 1 am in the morning. You need to have someone at your web host to contact to figure out what happen. If you don’t have 24/7 technical support then you would have to wait until normal business hours. If your email stops working or FTP stops work, would you wait until its normal business hours to contact your web host?

Having 24/7 technical support available is a crucial factor to make sure your website is always working and accessible to your customers. If your web host does not offer 24/7 technical support then you may want to consider changing web hosts.