Why you shouldn’t buy from web hosts that don’t make their contact info available

If you are deciding on buying a web hosting plan from a web hosting provider. Make sure that the web hosting provider you are considering has made available their contact information. If all you find is the option to purchase a web hosting plan and some details about the web hosting account but no solid contact info, then this sound ring alarm bells!

You should be able to find the contact information for your web host from their website. This may include: the mailing address, the office address, an email address, telephone number, or any other information that you can use to contact your web hosting provider. If all you find is a contact form but no other contact information is available then you should find a different web host to look at. Web hosting providers that don’t provide their contact information available on their website is like a flower store advertising flowers on the front page of a newspaper but don’t include their address or contact info.

You may know who they are but you won’t be able to contact them. What if you need to contact your web host for billing purposes or technical support? Will the only contact option you have is that support ticket or web contact form? How else would you contact your web host? You need to make sure that when purchasing a web hosting plan that your web host’s contact information is readily available, if you ever need to contact your web host.