Shared web hosting or business class web hosting?

If your web hosting provider is offering shared web hosting and business class web hosting, what should you choose? If you are starting out and are unsure you should choose shared web hosting. If you are planning to run a lot of scripts or resource intensive programs then you may want to upgrade to business class web hosting.

For most of the account features and options, there is no real difference. The real difference is in the memory your web hosting plan is allocated and the CPU resource that your web hosting is allocated. The disk space, number of domains, number of addon domains, number email addresses, and number of pre-installed scripts available will be slightly different but generally speaking, there is no real difference with these features.

With more memory your scripts can handle more visitors to your website. With more CPU resources allocated to your web hosting account you can handle more intensive scripts and not slow down when there are a lot of visitors on your website. When you are attempting to run intensive scripts on a shared web hosting plan, you may experience slow speeds and timeouts. If you upgrade to a business class web hosting plan, you would have more memory and CPU resources for your account to handle the intensive nature of your scripts.

Bottom line, choose shared web hosting if your are just starting out with your first website. If you plan to program or launch a website that uses a lot of scripts or resources then you should choose business class web hosting plans.