SSD or regular hard drive?

Some web hosting providers may offer the option for you to choose a web hosting plan with either SSD or a regular hard drive. SSD stands for solid state drive, a different type of hard drive that does not use a moving disk to store data. Instead, SSD drives use RAM like technology to write, read, and store the data without any moving disks. SSD drives are faster to write to and read from. While regular hard drives use a moving disk to store data.

If your website or blog does not write a lot of data or read a lot of data then hosting your website with a regular hard drive should be a good match. If your website or blog is writing a lot of data to either a database or writing a lot of files then hosting with a SSD drive would be worth it. With a SSD drive the write and read times would be an improvement over regular hard drives. With the improved speeds of SSD drives the loading time for websites would be decreased (a good thing) and make your website load faster for your visitors.