Will dedicated servers ever go away?

Red carWith the rise of cloud web hosting. The question of whether or not dedicated servers will ever go away has been asked by a few people. Cloud web hosting is a part of the web hosting industry and will not be going away anytime soon.

Cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting can be billed at fixed contract price or via a monthly utility billing. While cloud web hosting is geared towards startups and established businesses. It shouldn’t spell the end of dedicated servers. Cloud web hosting has its limitations and its unique advantage. Dedicated servers make up the cloud!

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are used by businesses and customers that want total control over the system. The customer can do operating system reloads, installs, fixes, or whatever the customer wants. While with most cloud web hosting model there is a reliance on the vendor to manage a lot of things. While the customer should expect everything to work.

Cloud web hosting uses dedicated servers. No matter the size of the cloud outfit. The heart of the cloud is not a supercomputer but hundreds to thousands of dedicated server. Whether or not the dedicated server has a regular chassis or some duct tape setup. They are none the less dedicated servers.

Cloud web host has its place in the market. Like trucks and sedans in the auto industry. Customers will have different needs and will choose one or the other based on what they need.