Will my web host allow me to run a torrent site?

TorrentQuestion: Will my web host allow me to run a torrent site?

Answer: The answer to this question will vary from web host to web host. Your web host may also inquire what kind of content will be hosted on the torrent site or what kind of torrent files will your site be hosting. Depending on how you answer these questions and your web host’s size of business. They may or may not permit you to run a torrent site.

Some web host’s will automatically assume being involved in torrent’s will equal piracy. Other web hosts may permit it because they know there are legitimate uses of torrent files. You should do a quick search of your web host’s terms of use/acceptable use policy page and see if they mention the word torrent on it. You should do this before contacting your web host. They may already make their policy or position on torrent sites clear in their legal policies.

If there is no mention of torrent in the legal policies than you will have to contact your web host for clarification.