3 things about web hosting in China

China flagSomethings about web hosting in China that you may not be aware of.

Hosting in China = Requires ICP license

If you plan to host your site content inside mainland China (PRC) then you will need an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license. You will find many popular Chinese websites hosted in mainland China have an ICP license number at the footer of their pages. If you plan on getting your data hosted in China then a ICP license is a requirement. After you buy web hosting from a Chinese web host or whomever is the ISP in China. You will have to complete forms and fulfill the requirements to get an ICP license before you can begin hosting your site in China.

Sites hosted in mainland China = faster than foreign hosted sites

Mainland users can load up sites hosted in mainland China a lot faster than sites hosted oversea. Your Chinese search engine rankings in Baidu, 360 Search, and Sogou will probably receive a boost by being hosted in China.

Different payment options

Depending on which web host in China you buy web hosting from. They may not accept your Discover, American Express, Visa, or Mastercard. You may have to do a wire transfer, use Alipay, or a different payment method to fund your web hosting purchase.