Hosting inside a remote datacenter?

Sword and shieldQuestion: I would like to host my site inside a remote datacenter. The datacenter has to be remote like Greenland or somewhere no one can reach?

Answer: Most dedicated web hosts use commercial datacenter space inside major metropolitan areas. It is very rare for a major dedicated web hosting or colocation provider to use a really remote location as a datacenter.

The major reasons why a web host would choose a major city versus a remote area: diverse selection of IP transit carriers, lower shipping costs (moving servers back and forth), and they can visit the actual datacenter. Most if not all major commercial web hosts do not offer web hosting from remote datacenters located in the middle of nowhere.

You would have to identify specific datacenter operators or owners of such datacenters and negotiate to lease space in such a datacenter.  Hosting servers inside such a datacenter would also not be cheap either.