How much does DDoS protection cost?

SquidQuestion: How much does it cost to protect a server from a DDoS attack?

Answer: The cost to protect a server from a DDoS attack varies depending on which company you decide to use. The cost to protect you server will vary from provider to provider. The typical cost starts from a few hundred dollars per month to over a thousand dollars per month.

Either your web host provides DDoS protection services or does not. If they do not provide DDoS attack protection services than you will have to use a third party to get protected or move to a web host that offers DDoS protection. Some web hosts will provide free DDoS protection for your VPS to dedicated server from 2 Gbps to 20 Gbps attacks. Once it exceeds whatever the free limit is you will have to pay for additional protection or risk getting your site’s IP address being null routed. Null routed = your server is not accessible from the internet.