How much does it cost to create a datacenter?

DatacenterQuestion: How much does it cost to create a datacenter?

Answer: The answer to this question will vary. You can turn a dorm room into a datacenter if you wanted to. Any room can technically be a “datacenter” if you wanted to. The cost to create a datacenter will have to include some basic costs:

Physical Building + Electrical Backup Generators + HVAC system + Servers & Wiring + Connectivity + Access control to the building (security system)

A “real” or typical datacenter that many people imagine or expect their web host to use can cost in the United States from $$$,$$$ to a few million to construct. If the building already exists then the cost to create the datacenter will be a lot less.

In the $$$,$$$ range would be a really small datacenter.  In the million dollars range would be a medium to large datacenter facility. The cost can vary dramatically if you are using old generators or HVAC systems or new ones. To get a better estimate you would have to figure out what kind of electrical redundancy and heating & cooling system (HVAC) you plan to have.