What are the requirements to register a .CN domain name?

AnnouncementQuestion: What are the requirements to register a .CN domain name?

Answer: The .CN ccTLD domain name extension is run by the People’s Republic of China. You can register a .CN domain name without providing any documentation if you have no plans on resolving (hosting a site or using email) the domain.

Personal ID or business papers required

If you are going to resolve the .CN domain name (assign an IP address for website or use for email) than you need to provide documentation to your registrar. If you are registering the .CN domain name for personal use than you will have to provide your registrar with your government issued ID.

If you represent a business or organization than you will need to provide the business license or legal registration documents for your organization. These requirements are required by CNNIC, the operator of the .CN domain registry. Failure to provide the documentation will lead your domain to be inactive without any IP address to resolve to.

The documentation you provide must also match the information that is listed as the contact for the .CN domain.

Illegal content

If your .CN domain name is related to gambling, pornography, or any other category that is deemed not allowed by PRC laws then CNNIC may delete your domain.