Is there such a thing as a premium IP address?

Routers and SwitchesQuestion: Is there such a thing as a premium IP address? What is it?

Answer: Only your web host or whatever service provider that is offering the product would know the details. Most of the time a web host will offer a “premium IP” address meaning that the IP address is clean and isn’t listed on any SPAM database and isn’t blacklisted by anyone.

Other ways a web host may market a premium IP address product is it uses a different subnet than the regular IP addresses offered or the product may come with additional features. These additional features may include DDoS protection or DDoS filtration. You will have to contact your web host to inquire exactly what a premium IP address means.

Some web hosts may offer different IP addresses as a form of marketing to people interested in search engine optimization (SEO). The only difference with these IP addresses is that they use a few different digits than the normal IP addresses assigned by your web host to your account. Example: instead of you would get, etc.

All IP addresses are just a string of numbers (IPv4) or numbers and letters (IPv6) that point to a server on the Internet. What you don’t want is to use an IP address that is on anyone’s blacklist or is in a SPAM database.