How much does it cost to get server management?

DatacenterQuestion: How much does it cost to get a third party to provide server management for my server?

Answer: The cost to have a private third party or another company manage your server can vary from less than $50 per month to over $100 dollars per month. You can always hire someone to manage your server or outsource the management to a firm that specializes in providing this service.

For practical purposes most people either hire someone they know that knows what they are doing or signup with a server management company. The duties that the other party would have to do is make sure your server stays up to date with the latest patches and that your software is secure. For an additional cost the server management company maybe able to install custom software to helping troubleshoot issues that you may encounter.

The exact scope and limits of what is included with your server management service will vary. There is typically no contract requiring a 12 month or multi-month commitment. You would typically pay every month or a one time fee to have the other party manage your server.