Why your web host was sold without letting you know

Forum iconsThree reasons why your web host may have been sold without letting you know.

A secret deal
Both the buyer and seller may of not wanted the customers like you to know. The buyer and seller may of also not wanted the general public or their competitors to know. Both parties may of had entered into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and didn’t want to reveal figures or numbers related to the transaction.

Old owners don’t want to cause panic
The new owners may not want to buy a sinking ship. If the news got out that there was a change in ownership of the web hosting business. Some customers may just change web hosts because of the ownership change. The new owners may not want to lose a lot of customers because of this. They would prefer to keep the number of customers and revenue growing.

New owner has bad reputation
The new owner may not have a good reputation. This maybe because of bad deals, bad transitions, a bad network, bad customer service, etc. The new owners and old owner didn’t want to shock everyone that such a deal has occurred.